Acclaimed Adventure Game Firewatch Passes 1 Million Copies Sold

Adventure diversion Firewatch has upheld a vital sales milestone.

Developer Campo Santo announced on Twitter that a diversion has now sole some-more than 1 million copies. The millionth duplicate was sole someday in late 2016, a developer said. As announced previously, Firewatch sole 500,000 copies in a initial month.

Firewatch launched in Feb 2016 for PC and PlayStation 4, before alighting on Xbox One in Sep of that year. It was Campo Santo’s initial pretension and reviews for a first-person journey diversion were certain opposite a board.

A Firewatch film is now in a works during Good Universe, a film association that also constructed a well-received fear film Don’t Breathe and Last Vegas. The game, that sees players adventuring by 1989 Wyoming as partial of a puzzling story, facilities a voices of Cissy Jones (The Walking Dead) and Rich Sommer (Mad Men).

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GameSpot’s Firewatch review scored a diversion a 7/10.

“Its universe is captivating, a pattern is clever, and a characters are among a many well-written in gaming,” reviewer Scott Butterworth said. “Though it competence sound counterintuitive, a tract is in many ways delegate to a attribute we build between Henry and Delilah, and that apportionment of a diversion is truly inspired. I’ve already returned to Firewatch for a relaxing travel in a woods; we suppose I’ll go behind again shortly to revisit with Henry and Delilah.”

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