A Whirlwind Dance Tour Of Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood – Kotaku

Now that our Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood review is up, there are usually 4 things left to do. Beat a final trainer conflict and dance, dance, dance. YouTube video creator Denmo has those final 3 lonesome with an superb low-pitched tour by a expansion. Mind a spoilers.

Fans have been formulating song videos in their massively multiplayer online role-playing games given MMORPGs have been a thing. Hell, even we dabbled in my possess awkward fashion. But what Denmo has finished here in his “Find Your Dance, Eorzea” video is on another level.


The transitions between areas are seamless. The music, a balance by Mondo Grosso, fits perfectly. we can usually suppose how most modifying went on here, though it certain paid off.

As for a violence a final trainer bit, not function any time soon. I’m all about prolonging a magic. Now dance.

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