A Visit to “Red,” “Nutty” and Two NFS Officers: My Name Is Henry Howell, Bar Number 22274, Write That Down!

by Henry Howell III

“We few, we happy few, we rope of brothers…” – Shakespeare, Henry V

When a story is told of a People’s quarrel opposite a drop to a land that a Mountain Valley Pipeline and a Atlantic Coast Pipeline is causing, what will we tell your children and grandchildren and nieces and nephews and family around a Thanksgiving table?  Children will wish to know if we were with a Patriots who fought to open Pocahontas Road in Giles County, Virginia for a people to come and practice their First Amendment rights on their open land that a immature monopod sitter is protecting.  (The site is now a tabernacle in all senses of a word.)

People wish to come pronounce to a sitter and any other, and to listen. Many will make a outing to ceremony during this site. The press will have opening again to set adult apparatus to widespread to a universe what a supervision does to First Amendment protesters when a absolute appetite house tells a supervision to close down a protests.  “Make an instance of that immature woman.  Starve her out. Cut off her support.  Make her crazy.”  One can usually suppose what agents of a house driven for increase will do or say.

Our government’s woe of a non-violent United States citizen who is sportive her First Amendment rights and a agents’ conflict on a First Amendment of all adults is during a insistence of Mountain Valley Pipeline for it to make profits. Our supervision has sole a First Amendment rights to a top corporate bidder. They contingency know how most faster and some-more effective business and supervision can work if we simply discharge a First Amendment.

Everyone was going to see “Red” Terry in Roanoke County on her family land, yet no one was going to see “Nutty” sitting in a tree in a National Forest. Why? In Red’s case, a extended family and friends who lay burial 24 hours a day have a route to Red done easy with small feet bridges built over a tide and a creek. Thanks to Delegate Sam Rasoul, a corporate media, citizen journalists, activists and others, Red started removing jail food from her guards on Sunday last. In Nutty’s case, a National Forest Service has done reaching Nutty unfit for all yet a fit and robust with good quads and joints.

That’s not me, yet we did not know it until 45 mins into a hour and a half cross-county travel by some of a steepest turf adult on a mountain.

I was exhausted, respirating heavy, sitting on a stone looking 125 feet divided during a good towering highway that a National Forest Service (NFS) agents kept pushing adult and down as we struggled. we could not cranky a hypothetical 125-foot line set in a timberland a few feet away. If we stepped onto a road, this NFS officer that eye-balled me on a approach in would certainly detain me. we betrothed my mother that we would not get arrested, yet we also told her it would be usually like walking a towering land in Floyd. Ten mins ago, we had told Chap Petersen and a beam to go forward and get Chap adult to Nutty to see her.  we had to yell, “I’m an Eagle Scout. I’ll find my way.” NOT.

I got here since when we visited Red on Monday, one of a good people perplexing to broach food to Nutty on Earth Day came using adult during Red’s encampment. He had been arrested. The National Forest Service agents had usually expelled him after carrying carried him to a sanatorium in shackles for a medical emergency.

He told a story of his detain in a panic, meditative a military during Red’s competence detain some of her visitors that day. we told him that Jon Sokolow was there, an critical masculine and former profession for a United Mine Workers, and we were safe.

I could not nap Monday night, meditative of that lady starving.  we reached out to my friend, State Sen. Chap Petersen, and told him that we indispensable to do something for this poor, starving lady usually there to criticism peacefully. It’s a supervision doing this to her.

By Wednesday, Chap had privileged his report to go see Nutty and a military participation denying her food and water, and her supporters’ encampment.

Chap left Fairfax during 6 am Thursday morning. we mislaid my keys, yet left Virginia Beach by 7 am.

At 1:30 pm, we arrived during Gillie’s in Blacksburg. Chap had been there already operative on his cases for Friday that he could not reschedule.  We interviewed dual of a arrestees who had attempted to get food to Nutty. Chap and we afterwards headed out in an aged plantation car with a guide, to expostulate an hour to see a repairs from a tube clearing and to strech Pocahontas Road, a open road, from that everybody yet MVP crew are banned.

We parked on a side of a state highway and walked adult to a commencement of Pocahontas Road. Two NFS officers stared during us.  One told a beam to keep us cross-country and off a road.  The masculine officer was kind and understanding. His higher womanlike officer looked during me sternly as we waved.

Well, we was sitting alone thinking, a lady is dying; we can make it another 45 minutes. we play tennis and do yoga, yet this travel is a opposite animal during age 65.

After resting, we started streamer adult a towering and got off a route noted each few hundred yards with a pinkish tape.  After slipping and shifting over a ravines, we speckled a pinkish tape. we got behind on a trail. Stopped another 3 times, and afterwards we came on a outpost and shouted, “Alleluia!”

Chap had already talked to Nutty. Before we could pronounce to her, she had to rest for fifteen minutes.  (The military are now promulgation medics adult to be available, yet Nutty will not pronounce to anyone compared with MVP and law enforcement.)

I started to talk. we had spent 6 hours pushing and an hour and a half erratic in a woods.  we got a small romantic after we had been articulate to this woman, failing for her legitimate means that so many people support. In a center of my articulate and feeling a spirit, that National Forest Service officer who had looked during me sternly during a opening came out of one of a tents with a camera with a prolonged telescopic lens on it.  She forked a lens during me and started clicking away. we saw her out of a dilemma of my eye. we stopped vocalization and incited to her. we forked true during her and yelled, “My name is Henry Howell, Bar series 22274. Write that down.”

The unhappy law is, energy will hurtful anyone if a moorings to law and story are broken. So for all my bid and good intentions, we am reduced to a design and name on my US Forest Service’s inhabitant watch list, presumably for supposed “ecoterrorists” (even yet this criticism has been totally non-violent).

Chap says that since he likes my father, Henry Howell, he is going to get Pocahontas Road open and is going to get that good officer who took my design to expostulate me adult Pocahontas Road to pronounce to Nutty.

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