A unit of Pikachus enter a dance off to applaud Pokemon: Sun & Moon – Burning Shadows

To applaud a recover of Pokémon: Sun Moon – Burning Shadows, next we’ve got a video involving a dance off between Team Skull and a unit of dancing Pikachus.  Not something we design to routinely see, though we’re roughly certain you’ve seen zero else like this today…

Sun Moon Burning Shadows

Team Skull and a society of Pikachu have taken a conflict to a dance floor. The Pikachu arrangement their desirable climax while Guzma, a trainer of Team Skull, busts a pierce alongside Team Skull Admin Plumeria and a unit of Team Skull Grunts as both crews quarrel for dance conflict victory. With both teams portion adult flawless footwork and sharp moves to settle their differences, who will be crowned a winner?  

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