A Supposed Mercy Nerf In ‘Overwatch’ Has Boosted Her Pick Rate To Nearly 100%



Mercy has been an emanate in Overwatch for a while now, an roughly must-pick healer whose regen and group revive abilities seemed usually too essential to pass over in preference of other supports.

That’s since Blizzard took a surprising step of a dramatic redo to Mercy, something not seen given they attempted to make Symmetra some-more relevant. The change was ostensible to be something of a nerf, stripping divided her ability to group revive and replacing her ultimate with something else, a arrange of “super boost” that lets her fly around during will, fire fast, and heal/boost mixed people during once.

She was still given a ability to revive players, though as a customary ability on a 30 second cooldown, and usually one actor during a time. In speculation this was going to keep a core of her impression in place though giving her an ult that forced her to censor and revive her group once everybody died.

In theory.

In practice, it’s been complete madness. Since this change went live in patch 1.15, Mercy’s ostensible nerf has clearly been demonstrated to be a clean instead. As it turns out, “tempo” revives, ie. reviving one actor each thirty seconds that’s been picked off, are some-more profitable than group revives.

The formula are rather astonishing. Omnicmeta has been picking detached a new Mercy in a extensive post here, and a numbers don’t lie.


Overwatch: Uprising

Total Mercy resurrects per diversion have roughly doubled opposite all levels of given creation a ability a bottom power. Her recovering stays good above a other heal-based supports as well. And maybe a many Blizzard-hair-pulling statistic of all is that her collect rate has been increased to roughly 100% opposite all levels, when it was hovering around 65-70% before (which Blizzard was perplexing to lower).

The usually satisfaction in all these stats competence be her win rate, that is down or adult opposite all levels, though for a many part, flattering even. However, a problem here is that it’s usually flattering even since almost everybody is picking her, so one of a dual Mercys has to remove each time. There are no stats on this, though some players are stating that every diversion they don’t have a Mercy on their team, they’re losing. She’s usually that damn valuable.

This is a balancing calamity on Blizzard’s end. They missed a symbol so far here with these Mercy changes it’s not even funny. There is no approach on earth they’re going to let a scarcely 100% collect rate mount on Mercy for unequivocally prolonged during all, and I’m wondering what they’re going to do to actually nerf her this time. Give her a aged ult behind and nerf her in other ways? Make a revive cooldown a notation instead of 30 seconds? Neither of these seem like unequivocally good options, though clearly something has to be done.

The irony in all this? Both Mercy and non-Mercy players seem to be anticipating a impression most some-more fun to play with a new ult and targeted resurrection. There unequivocally was an emanate before where we were forced to censor all a time and play ultra-safe for group resurrects and these changes did essentially repair that emanate with a character. At a cost of totally violation her, though we know, tradeoffs.

Expect to hear something from Blizzard shortly about this. Mercy is an Overwatch staple, though she will not be authorised to run furious like this for long.

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