A new Overwatch Halloween comic facilities ‘The Return of Junkenstein’

Last year’s Overwatch Halloween Terror eventuality saw a rise, and demise, of a insane insane Dr. Jamison Junkenstein, whose horrific devise for Adlbersbrunn was brought to a hindrance by a total efforts of 4 erratic heroes. But a good knave is tough to keep down, and by a enchanting powers of a Witch of a Wild—Junkenstein’s loyal master—he has returned, some-more wandering than ever and spooky with revenge. 

This time around, 4 new heroes have been summoned to understanding with Junkenstein: Torbjorn, Widowmaker, Zenyatta, and Genji. But they face an even larger immorality than before. 

“Across land and sea, by feet and by hoof, they came. Four they were in series like a Wanderers of old. Trust would not come easy, though they would need it to tarry a horrors a Witch had in store,” Blizzard told a tale. “For she had during her side a true menial named a Reaper, and she had claimed a grievous new ally: a Summoner, who wielded a energy of an ancient dragon. Bound to a Witch’s will by pacts fake in blood, they were called to a conflict and affianced not to rest until they had broken Adlersbrunn once and for all.” 

Alas, a comic is a commencement rather than an end—a fun bit of season layered atop a Overwatch universe—and so there’s no correct end to a story. But if we like account justification for sharpened a crap out of people online, here we go. The Overwatch Halloween Terror eventuality is live now and runs until Nov 1. 

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