A Great Match From Korea’s First All-Women Overwatch Tournament

Over a weekend, a Korean association called Inven promote a finals of Korea’s initial pledge all-women Overwatch tournament. It was a damn good match.

The “All For Ladies” contest indeed took place progressing this month, yet a finals weren’t promote until this weekend. Two teams, Pandora Ladies and 1st.Lady, went toe-to-toe in a best-of-five match, and even yet Pandora finished adult unconditional a scorecards 3 maps to none, it was a most some-more rival compare than a numbers indicate.

Those dueling Widowmakers, though. Gotta admire atypical picks like Hanzo and Orisa (!!!), too. Really, a whole initial map was a dang rollercoaster ride, punctuated by many an bursting D.Va mech.


As of now, Overwatch’s rival stage is dominated by men, yet tournaments like these can assistance favour a reduction lopsided culture. Kotaku reader J, who reached out about this contest around email, offering some good perspective. “Some might contend that their abilities do not smoke-stack adult to a (male) pro teams,” she wrote, “but these are amateurs who usually use 3-4 times a week, and some tools of their personification are already improved than some pro teams.”

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