A Final Fantasy XV actor has unclosed a ‘secret’ to unlocking Armiger God Mode

It looks like players have managed to mangle Final Fantasy XV yet again. The glitch seems to ironically (or not) mangle by a linear inlet of a diversion to give players some-more leisure to try a game’s open world. Warning, spoilers for Final Fantasy XV follow:

The spoiler line; anything review over this indicate is on you.


So for players who have beaten Final Fantasy XV, we know that in a final conflict opposite Ardyn, Noctis is given a ability to fly around a environment. Well, some players have apparently found a glitch that lets we take those powers into a diversion world. In sequence to lift off a glitch, we contingency initial kick a game, and afterwards reload Chapter 15 and kill Ifrit again. we know…tedium, though a glitch lets we do some cold stuff.

YouTuber edepot posted a array of videos, showcasing all of the stairs we need to do to lift off a glitch, a Shiva corpse in God mode, and the Top 15 things we can do regulating God Mode.

Here’s a fun stuff.

If we devise on perplexing this glitch, it would be correct to emanate mixed saves as holding advantage of it might really good be permanent. 

Source: [NeoGAF]

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