A father claimed a universe record for views on Twitch after his 22-month-old daughter frightened him

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A UK male now binds a Guinness World Record for being a most
fearful person, and he didn’t even ask for it.

Tom Wheldon, who goes by a name of “Jurassic
 when he’s personification online, was
pensive in Outlast 2 and streaming it on all on Twitch.

Then, his 22-month-old daughter Jessica suspicion she’d move her
father a good cold drink, and this happened:

Wheldon explains:

“I had no idea that she had entered a room and during a exact
same impulse she did, a bluster flew out during me in a diversion and I

“While holding my eyes off a shade for a separate second I
beheld a tiny figure beside me and we screamed for my life
usually to find out it was my daughter bringing me a cold drink.”

Four days later, a shave “streamer daughter walks in on him
while personification a frightful game” had been noticed 2,086,451 times on
a video platform.

And a folks from Guinness World Records called to let Wheldon
know he’s now in a book under “Most watched
video on Twitch”

“Even after a eventuality happened we didn’t design anything most to
come from it detached from we would share a footage with a few
friends,” he said.

“When we was contacted by a Twitch staff and Guinness World
Records it unequivocally set in that my video had turn series one in
a world.”

Wheldon told
Engadget a splash was a premix can of Jack Daniels and soda
and Jessica was “unfazed” by his bloodcurdling shriek, saying
“bye-bye” to his assembly and holding herself behind off to bed.

“She has approach some-more fortitude than we have,” he said.


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