6 ways Metal Gear can have a destiny after Survive

A few weeks ago, Konami expelled an annual update for Metal Gear Solid 5 that lets we play as Quiet in FOB missions. This, in turn, reminded me that a new Metal Gear diversion came out in 2018 that I’ve somehow lost about already—Survive, that didn’t get a extensive reception from us, and has just 23% certain reviews over a final 30 days on Steam during a time of essay (and churned overall).  

According to Steam Charts, 91 people were personification Survive in a final hour, with a 30-day normal of 82.1. It’s not illusory for a diversion with a large multiplayer member that usually came out in February. Metal Gear Solid 5’s normal actor array has never forsaken subsequent 1500, however, and as we write this, good over 2000 people were personification it an hour ago. That’s substantially given it’s one of a best secrecy games ever made, and it’s been abandoned a lot given launch.

I’d demur before labelling Survive a sum disaster from a vicious perspective, though, even if it’s tough not to see it as an intensely late cash-in on a DayZ-era presence games bang from 3 or 4 years ago. we suggest reading Rich Stanton’s thoughts on Kotaku UK, where he endured a game’s tough early hours and eventually found something to like. That said, it sucks to see Metal Gear try something new, skip a mark, afterwards clearly be ignored. Ever given we started profitable courtesy to games in a late ’90s, Metal Gear has never been ignored. 

There’s such a unenlightened and abounding bequest to that series. Metal Gear has had a serf assembly of millions that cares about a singleplayer secrecy array for roughly twenty years. It would be a rubbish not to make a many of that, during slightest from a indicate of perspective of someone who appreciates it.

Without wanting to get into a depart of Hideo Kojima from Konami, a outcome of that is unfit to magnitude from a outward looking in, here we wish to plead some fun probable directions that Metal Gear could explore. we would disagree there’s not a sorcery regulation to Metal Gear that’s unfit to replicate—it is essentially a secrecy movement array with a good clarity of humour, that rewards actor investigation with surprises and detail. 

That’s when it’s during a best. The stories, peculiar dialogue, choices of themes and characters all matter too, yet it’s Metal Gear’s pattern as a secrecy diversion that depends a most. Just for fun, then, here’s how we consider Konami can make people caring about a future. 

Release an enlargement for MGS5 (or make MGS6)

With The Phantom Pain still removing updates roughly 3 years later, we consternation if a new environment, or maybe even remixes of a existent ones, competence move some uninformed life and new seductiveness to MGS5. The lifeblood of a diversion is in tools, enemies and environments. A new story section seems flattering unreal given a final of creation MGS’s cutscenes, yet what about a snowy landscape identical to Shadow Moses with some new missions, or a city? Or maybe usually some VR hurdles regulating a existent systems, like MGS and MGS2: Substance had. 

Hey, if Endless Legend is still releasing expansions 4 years later, because not Metal Gear after three? Otherwise, a full supplement that builds on all of MGS5’s strengths is substantially a series’ best shot during recapturing a courtesy it had before. Singleplayer secrecy movement is a lot closer to what we wish from MGS than oppressive presence systems. 

Remake Snake Eater in a character of Metal Gear Solid 5

I’d adore to see Snake Eater remade, ideally in a character of MGS5, with incomparable scale jungle environments and a pointing controls of The Phantom Pain—minus a bottom government stuff, of course. Hell, we could even keep a same voice acting, given MGS3 still has a many evocative and slightest involved story in a series. It’s a mostly self-contained story about Big Boss, set in a Cold War, as he’s dispatched into a jungle in a former Soviet Union to kill his mentor. 

It has a best trainer fights in a series, that is to contend that it usually has dual normal ones: a male who throws hornets, The Pain, and flamethrower space guy, The Fury. I’m not large on tree-hopping male The Fear, either, after several replays. But it also has arguably a best ever made, a moving duel with an aged sniper famous as The End. 

This is usually a furious camber with no basement in fact whatsoever, yet my carefree prophecy is that Bluepoint Games is now remaking a Metal Gear as its subsequent project, following Shadow of a Colossus. If not, someone should reconstitute MGS3. It’s a complicated classic, and a tune-up with a decent PC chronicle would be fantastic. 

Revive a turn-based Metal Gear Acid in HD

Turn-based games have turn outrageous again opposite all platforms in a past few years, conspicuous in a likes of XCOM on PC (as good as a games it has inspired) and Fire Emblem on Nintendo platforms. Metal Gear Acid was a turn-based diversion for Sony’s PlayStation Portable that compulsory players to use cards to perform attacks, that during a time we deliberate a somewhat unsatisfactory surrogate for a correct Metal Gear diversion on a handheld.

Now, though, we courtesy a Acid games as cult classics. Cards total with turn-based fight is a ideal fit for a complicated age—I consider Acid would be outrageous if they done a diversion demeanour complicated and ported both titles opposite to PC, maybe adding additional levels, cards and a decent online contra mode. It’s not particularly MGS, yet it’s a ideal compare for plan players’ stream sensibilities. 

A Metal Gear Rising sequel

While MGS5 entrance to a PC felt like a large eventuality behind in 2015, Revengeance came first. This Raiden spin-off that lets we cut adult enemies into small pieces ranked somewhere in a tip center of Platinum’s movement diversion catalogue—above Bayonetta 2 yet subsequent Vanquish, in my opinion. Without meaningful how a initial one performed, I’d adore to play a sequel. Metal Gear’s uncanny mechs and cold near-future environments fit that form of diversion unequivocally well. Even a Metal Gear fanbase is a bit warmer towards Raiden these days. 

Re-release a comparison games on PC

Metal Gear Solid and Sons of Liberty both came to PC. we remember a former being flattering decent—a small wily to control, yet a amiable visible ascent over a PSone original, that now, of course, looks like Lego. The initial one is seen kicking around nearby a tip of GOG’s village wishlist, and with some controller support, I’m certain a lot of people would like to revisit it on PC. And hey, because did that MGS HD Collection never come to Steam?

Remake a strange Metal Gear games

The Phantom Pain strew a lot of light on a initial dual top-down Metal Gear games expelled creatively for a MSX2, that we won’t fake we played for some-more than an hour any behind when we had a MGS3: Subsistence book on PS2. The story of a array is complete, yet these are substantially still a slightest played adventures starring Solid Snake. we would privately rather see a some-more new games remade or play something new entirely, yet this always gets brought adult in conversations about how to revisit Metal Gear’s legacy.

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