6 gadgets that make the daily commutes feel reduction like a invert — from unstable gaming systems to noise-canceling …

Lifeproof FRĒ SERIES (iPhone 8), $51.54, accessible during Amazon

Lifeproof FRĒ SERIES (iPhone 8 Plus), $34.80, accessible during Amazon

Lifeproof FRĒ SERIES (iPhone X), $44.95, accessible during Amazon

Having commuted by train, plane, automobile, and vessel for most of my supposed adult life, we tend to be severe on things in my daily travels — that generally goes for electronics. Because it comes with me everywhere, my iPhone takes a misfortune violence out of all my devices. I’ve forsaken into an array of bodies of H2O trimming from puzzling puddles in open restrooms to a strong Pacific Ocean, and interjection to a LifeProof box in that it lives, we have always been means to collect it no worse for wear.

One night it went off a wharf and into a defect in a coral embankment head. we spent about half an hour diving down and perplexing to find it in and among a urchins, eels, and other churlish critters. Even after that duration of time underwater during about 15 feet — some-more than twice a abyss it’s safely rated for — it was still ideally fine. Of course, a LifeProof is also accessible when it comes to day-to-day incidents: sufficient it to contend that if we dump yours and it happens to land in a reservoir on a transport height or during a train stop, it’ll be only excellent (though a good sudsy bath is substantially in sequence once we strech your destination).

And for those of we who dislike cases since of their clunkiness, there’s no excuse: a LifeProof is roughly as slimline as a iPhone itself. Sure, it might be a small on a pricey side where phone cases are concerned, though so is a shade — or phone — replacement. –Owen Burke, guides writer

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