5 Ways Metal Gear Solid Series Can Move Forward

Being a outrageous Metal Gear Solid fan, a really initial thing that came to mind after finale MGSV, was Metal Gear Solid 6. The Phantom Pain answered a lot of questions though combined some new ones that are adequate to keep a MGS fan watchful during night.

What happened to Quiet? Is Venom Snake, a male Big Boss devoted to lift his Phantom, also Grey Fox? Because Grey Fox was Big Boss’s many devoted major and we don’t know what accurately did he do to acquire BB’s trust.

Metal Gear Solid star is outrageous and many story arcs are accessible to Konami. Which approach they will go? And that approach do we wish them to go? Lets plead a few ways Konami can make Metal Gear Solid work.

1: Venom Snake is Grey Fox?

Before a recover of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, we saw a video from YouTube user PythonSelkan. It theorised that Venom Snake is indeed Grey Fox though given his speculation was so out there, we refused to trust it. However, Kojima’s smokes and mirrors from MGS2 returned for MGSV and we came to know that V is indeed a medec, a rusted infantryman of Big Boss and not Big Boss himself.

The medec is someone we don’t know, his identity, where he is from and because did Big Boss saw him as “the best of” MSF (before it fell). Venom’s memories were erased, his past gone, Big Boss’s past was his along with BB’s memories, fight techniques, Venom was a loyal Phantom of Big Boss.

Raiden was presented as a new lizard is Metal Gear Solid 2 though he after incited into his really possess character. “Given a right conditions and a right story, anyone can be incited into snake” – Ocelot.

Venom was also presented as a new Snake though he was denied a event to spin into his possess character, or was he? Is it probable that Venom’s physique was recovered from Outer Heaven and after incited into a Cyborg Ninja we all know as Grey Fox?

Playing Big Boss’s Phantom, holding down Skull Face and Sahelanthropus is adequate to acquire Big Boss’s honour and trust, it is adequate to turn his many devoted lieutenant.

So is he Grey Fox? If so, Konami can really follow his story in a subsequent Metal Gear game. Story of a Child Soldier from Mozambique who turn Grey Fox.

Check out this video from Python Selken that theorizes Venom as Grey Fox.


2: Raiden: From Human to Cyborg

Metal Gear Solid array is not good during responding questions though something that went criminally unexplained is a reasons behind Raiden selecting turn a Cyborg Ninja. Raiden has seemed i a spin-off diversion called Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, however, that too unsuccessful to explained his appearance.

The subsequent Metal Gear diversion can work with Raiden and his tour from tellurian to Cyborg. Where has he been given a Big Shell incident? Did he select to be a cyborg or was forced to? The subsequent Metal Gear can answer these questions.

3: Liquid Snake – Never be Game Over

Liquid Snake, a counterpart of Big Boss, done an coming in The Phantom Pain. He was also a partial of a cut-out goal 51 where Venom was tasked with removing Sahelanthropus behind from Liquid and his child soldiers in Africa.

Venom did conduct to finish his goal though was forced to explosve a Island along with Liquid as he was putrescent with a English aria of a Vocal Cord parasite.

But Psycho Mantis saved Liquid and private a parasite.

Liquid went behind to a United States, we presume, though we don’t know where accurately has he been and what he did before Metal Gear Solid 1. Playing Liquid in a subsequent Metal Gear sounds like a good idea.

4: The Boss and The Cobra Unit

The Boss was Naked Snake’s coach who seemed in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. The Boss defected to a Soviet Union and Snake was reserved to kill his aged mentor. But in reality, The Boss was operative for a U.S a whole time though a GOVT. had to cancel her so that zero ties behind to them.

The Boss and her Cobra Unit was assassinated by Naked Snake aka Big Boss. However, before The Virtuous Mission, The Boss and Cobra section were WWII veterans and participated in many Black Ops.

There is a lot of story calm that can be explored if Metal Gear Solid 6 uses The Boss as lead.

5: Big Boss and Outer Heaven

While Venom Snake was bustling using Diamond Dogs, murdering Skull Face and his plans, Big Boss was formulating a nation. An army, giveaway from borders, Govt., and control – he called it Outer Heaven.

Venom and Big Boss are flip sides of a coin, we know what Venom did, though we need a minute diversion to prominence Big Boss’s efforts to emanate Outer Heaven and authority FoxHound. The subsequent diversion can set adult a Outer Heaven occurrence where Solid Snake faced Venom.

These were 5 ways we consider a Next Metal Gear can work. Let us know what your opinions are in a comments below.

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