5 Reasons Tom Holland Is Already A Young Nathan Drake In Disguise

Thanks to his life-altering purpose as Peter Parker in a Marvel Cinematic Universe, 21-year-old Tom Holland has turn something of a domicile name among comic book nerds, tiny kids, Marvel and MCU fanatics, and Spider-Man fans worldwide. Now, due in no tiny partial to a general success of his new solo debut in Spider-Man: Homecoming, it seems he has also risen to turn one of Hollywood’s many bankable immature twenty-something actors. So bankable in fact, that Sony only recently expel him to play a immature Nathan Drake in a arriving film instrumentation of Naughty Dog’s hugely renouned Uncharted video diversion series.

In an hapless turn of fate, a mass euphoria that seemed to follow Holland around is now roughly unanimously transposed by derision. News of his new casting as Drake was met with romantic distaste, deserted pointedly by a many hardcore #Uncharted fans. Reasons since were mostly aspect issues, trimming from a many common “He’s too spare to play Nate” to a mostly mentioned “He doesn’t demeanour like him during all.”

Despite a common effect of everyone’s opinions, however, we am prone to disagree. Not with a criticisms per se, though with a blind hatred he’s been removing on comment of all a aspect issues. Which, by a way, are not as cryptic as what people like to claim. Tom already possesses a healthy skills to effectively govern a young Drake, and here’s why.

5. He Is A Natural Acrobat

Tom practices parkour. Unlike other probable choices for a purpose of a teenage Nathan Drake, he is also a lerned dancer and gymnast with years of proven knowledge underneath his belt. His Instagram comment is filled with 5 to 60-second samples of his hip-hop and ballet-inspired giveaway running, many of that he is means to govern ideally though any ropes or equipment. So far, he has successfully shot a three-pointer with his feet while in a center of a flip, regularly executed flawless wall flips and plane wall running, in serve to large other pointless tricks.

Holland once played Billy Elliott in theater, that explains his ballet and gymnastics background, as good as his severe training schedule. The male is impressively athletic, so it is expected he is rarely proficient in some-more sports than he’s now vouchsafing on.

Despite his years of knowledge physically operative his body, Tom certified to still wanting additional training when time came for him to play Spider-Man. Unlike many actors that have had to fire movement scenes, Tom performs many of his stunts. This is since he still trains exhaustively, of his possess volition, even when there is professionally no need to.

Nathan Drake is well-renowned as a master of action-heavy parkour, climbing, and attempt work. Like a assassins from Assassin’s Creed, a Prince from Prince of Persia, or Sam Fisher from a Splinter Cell franchise, Nate’s considerable athleticism and ability to perform differently unfit earthy feats contain a outrageous partial of what creates a impression so legendary. The good news? Tom Holland — an determined contestant in arise earthy condition — is already all of those.

4. He’s Got The Slightly Awkward, Wisecracking Nature Of Nathan Drake Pinned Down

Being expel as a quippy Peter Parker proved, among other things, that Tom can play a awkward, well-educated wiseass only as good as he can perform his acrobatic tricks. Nathan Drake is like a millennial generation’s chronicle of Indiana Jones — cool, well-spoken and wisecracking, magnificently associating and intelligent, always gets a lady in a end, though still rather inept and childish in an endearingly nerdy arrange of way.

Judging by his desirous opening in Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming, Holland can play this archetype while still exuding a clever component of forward youth. It’s a ideal mix between being socially ungainly and smart-aleck; Tobey Maguire’s Peter and Andrew Garfield’s Spidey. An youth Nathan Drake is radically only Peter Parker, that Tom is already means to govern flawlessly.

3. Slightly Younger Tom Holland Looks Exactly Like The Young Nathan Drake Portrayed In Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

'Uncharted 4: A Thief's End' [Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment]
‘Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End’ [Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment]

Maybe right now he doesn’t demeanour anything like a current, or during slightest adult Nathan Drake, though as distant as a younger Nate is concerned, Tom is an present match. Putting both of them side by side, they demeanour eerily identical, roughly a counterpart picture versions of any other. It’s probable this is what producers had been looking during when they motionless to expel Tom Holland as a immature Nathan Drake.

OK, maybe he doesn’t demeanour like a Drake we all know and adore yet, though we can always get someone else that could simply play his comparison self , no problem. After all, Fox positively had no problems removing opposite actors to play Patrick Stewart’s and Ian McKellen’s younger versions in a X-Men film franchise, and it still worked beautifully.

2. His Role In Civil War And Homecoming Is Eerily Similar To a Reported Plot Of The Uncharted Prequel

The much-anticipated Uncharted film will not only be any pointless prequel about some arbitrarily selected ancient civilization; it will be an start story formed on Nate and his veteran mentor, Victor Sullivan’s, initial meeting. Essentially, it will revolve around a wisecracking teenage acrobat training a ropes from a wiser, comparison superior. Sound familiar? That’s since it’s accurately a same subplot between Peter Parker and Tony Stark.

We already saw how good that was played out in both Civil War and Homecoming. For Tom Holland, his Uncharted entrance will simply be a Doctor Strange-type repeat of what he had already successfully finished as Peter Parker.

1. Tom Holland Is No Stranger To The Uncharted Franchise

In fact, he was a one who suggested a film be a prequel and an start story, including a bit about Nate and Sully’s initial meeting. He’s even already called out his elite castings for Victor Sullivan, namely Jake Gyllenhaal or Chris Pratt. Tom also mentioned that he and Pratt are already tighten friends, that would lend some realism into their energetic in a Uncharted film.

Frequently with adaptations, fans are disturbed actors and organisation will be incompetent to perform good due to miss of laxity with a source material. Fortunately, here it’s looking like that won’t be a problem. Much like how Deadpool became a large strike interjection to a strong efforts of Ryan Reynolds — a one other male in Hollywood besides Robert Downey, Jr. who can play his many iconic purpose ideally — it is really expected a Uncharted prequel will also arise to a plea since of a lead actor, hopefully breaking a longstanding trend of video diversion adaptations screwing up and bombing in a box office.

Seeing Beyond The Surface Level

Although a initial denial toward Holland’s casting as Nate is current and understandable, it is also nonessential and misled in a bigger intrigue of things. Tom’s healthy skills already come tighten to relating adult Nathan Drake’s, and even afterwards he’s hardly reached his limit. With additional training and only adequate time, he could still develop to something even greater.

Tom Holland’s casting gets a lot of flack for ostensible to govern a secular Nathan Drake as naïve and unseasoned, though remember that a prequel is scheduled to take place years before Drake’s Fortune; Nate is not ostensible to already know it all in this movie, or be able adequate to perform a feats he after becomes famous for in a games. Instead, this will be Drake’s chronicle of a coming-of age story, where we can finally see who he was before he became a man, and when and how a child finally became a legend.

So, if he looks some-more like a “Spider-ling” right now than a “Spider-Man,” that’s intentional. In this iteration, Nathan Drake is still training a ropes; he’s authorised to still demeanour rather feeble, thin and fresh to some degree. These aspect issues will disappear as he progresses serve into his journey.

Underneath Tom’s teenage extraneous and rather squeaky, high-pitched voice, he already has a makings of a real-life Nathan Drake, and all that creates the 21st century Indy special. If Spider-Man: Homecoming is any indication, it’s apparent he is able of holding and spearheading a authorization all by himself.

If there’s any immature chairman out there that can act his donkey off and nonetheless still be able of behaving what creates Nate, Nate, it’s Tom. We devoted him with Peter; we consider it’s protected to entrust him with Drake as well. Not many people believed he could lift off Spider-Man too, and nonetheless here we are. Don’t hit it ’til you’ve seen it.


Do we consider Tom Holland is a good fit to play a immature Nathan Drake?

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