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Halo Wars 2 tells a really engaging and standalone story, nonetheless in what ways can it, and a destiny expansions, potentially change a subsequent Halo game, tentatively dubbed “Halo 6?”

The quarrel for a Ark that takes place in Halo Wars 2 is, for a many part, an eventuality that stays totally away from a rest of a Halo universe. As a UNSC Spirit of Fire and her organisation salary a unfortunate quarrel to take a ancient Forerunner designation from Atriox’s Banished, a rest of a star stays unknowingly of this conflict, now focusing on facing Cortana and her Created regime. But a events that have taken place (or potentially will in destiny story expansions) in Halo Wars 2 can, and expected will, tie into a categorical storyline. Here are 5 ways that Halo Wars 2 can tie into Halo 6.

WARNING: Halo Wars 2 and Halo 5 spoilers ahead!

1. Halo ring during a finish of Halo 5

The Halo ring shown in Halo 5’s mythological finale is really expected to be a same ring that seemed nearby a finish of Halo Wars 2. The ring in Halo Wars 2 was Installation 04c — a second deputy ring that a Ark’s systems combined after a initial was used by a Master Chief to exterminate a Flood in Halo 3. Having successfully kept a Banished from holding control of a Halo, The UNSC and Professor Anders’ categorical concentration became disarming a ring before it left a Ark. After a UNSC successfully shielded her position from an all-out attack by a Banished forces, a ring was infirm by Anders, with her imagination on Forerunner record personification a vicious role. However, Anders was incompetent to leave a ring before a Ark’s systems sent Installation 04c into a slip-space portal that led to a Soell complement — a strange plcae of a strange Installation 04. During a slip-space jump, a Halo ring unexpected falls out of slip-space. Investigating, Anders takes an conveyor adult to a ring’s surface, usually to find one of Cortana’s Guardians watchful for her.

The justification here is intensely strong. Given that a Guardians are underneath Cortana’s control, and that a Halo ring unexpected forsaken out of slip-space before to reaching a end since of one, it is really judicious to cruise that Cortana is perplexing to take control of this Halo ring around this Guardian and repurpose it for her possess plans.

2. The AI, Isabel

Isabel’s existence as an AI means that she could potentially turn an enemy, due to a rising of a Created.

Isabel’s existence as an AI means that she could potentially turn an enemy, due to a rising of a Created in Halo 5. However, this isn’t guaranteed to be a case. Not each AI chose to side with Cortana. A good instance of one that did not side with her was Roland, a onboard boat AI on a UNSC Infinity. While usually a logistics AI, Isabel valid that she was means of carrying a vast change when she hacked into a systems of a Banished flagship, Enduring Conviction, and began to bake a Ark’s aspect with plasma, triggering a Ark’s involuntary invulnerability units. As a result, a Enduring Conviction was separate in half and destroyed, neutralizing a vital hazard to a UNSC Spirit of Fire and her crew. Thus, we are given a primary instance of how Isabel can tactfully change a conflict.

If Isabel creates an coming in Halo 6, she might be presumably a clever fan or a heavy rivalry for Cortana, depending on that approach she sides in a dispute with a Created.

3. The universe-threatening Flood

Perhaps a many dangerous approach Halo Wars 2 could change Halo 6 is a probability of a Flood on a Ark (revealed in a proclamation of a enlargement Awakening a Nightmare) anticipating a approach to leave a installation. Depending on how successfully Atriox and a Banished rivet a Flood, they could presumably be degraded before being means to spread, or they could find a approach to taint one of Atriox’s naval ships and leave a Ark — with a vigilant of anticipating and infecting civilization everywhere.

A lapse of a Flood could be devastating. Currently, troops army opposite a star are irrational and random due to Cortana’s Created uprising. Because of this, a resurgent Flood could have an intensely easy time holding advantage and infecting several worlds opposite a galaxies. Given that whole worlds can be taken over by a bug in as tiny time as 24 hours, a Flood could really fast form an effective fighting force, finish with a Gravemind, to arise adult and plea a Created, as good as a UNSC, Swords of Sanghelios, and other factions.

4. Atriox and a Banished

The Banished are an impossibly effective coterie of ex-Covenant warriors, and they poise a critical hazard to any rivalry they face.

Atriox’s Banished could really good play a vast purpose in Halo 6. The Banished are an impossibly effective coterie of ex-Covenant warriors, and they poise a critical hazard to any rivalry they face. With legions of sublime Elites, challenging Brutes, inhuman Hunters, as good as a vast arsenal of vehicles, aircraft, and a tiny collection of naval ships, a Banished are armed to a teeth and filled with soldiers that have an consultant bargain of warfare.

In further to their outrageous troops power, Atriox and his officers are also learned tactical commanders. While we don’t know who Atriox and a Banished would quarrel for — they could fan with a UNSC opposite a Created, fan with a Created opposite a UNSC, or only sojourn their possess organisation — it’s certain that if a Banished get concerned in Halo 6, their participation will be felt by all.

5. Captain Cutter, Professor Anders, and a UNSC Spirit of Fire

Similarly to a Banished, a organisation of a Spirit of Fire has a intensity to play a vast purpose in Halo 6 as well. These group and women have already proven their unimaginable resilience by handling to step adult to a image opposite a incomparable and improved versed Banished army on a Ark. If they seem in Halo 6, they will positively be a clever troops force opposite Cortana and her Prometheans. In further to a unchanging soldiers, Spartan-IIs Jerome, Douglas, and Alice are all benefaction on a Spirit of Fire — and carrying Spartans on your side in a dispute is always a certain for your odds.

Professor Anders’s Forerunner imagination could play a pivotal purpose in a quarrel opposite a Created.

In regards to Captain Cutter, he is a clever tactical mind, not distinct Atriox. Therefore, he would positively be a profitable item for a UNSC. Perhaps a particular with a many potential, though, is Professor Ellen Anders, whose Forerunner imagination could play a pivotal purpose in a quarrel opposite a Created. With her proven ability to interface with and invalidate or interrupt Forerunner technology, she could be a clever developer of countermeasures opposite Cortana and her Prometheans — presumably even a Guardians themselves.

Only time will tell

So, there are 5 ways that a factions, events, and characters of Halo Wars 2 could change and tie into Halo 6. What do we think? Do we have any theories about how a diversion will impact a subsequent large Halo installment? Let us know in a comments. If we haven’t picked Halo Wars 2 adult yet, cruise doing so!

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