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Welcome to a 216th book of Android Apps Weekly! Here are a headlines from a final week!

  • Super Mario Run is a bit of a disappointment for Nintendo. They didn’t hold specifics. However, Nintendo did contend that a diversion didn’t make adequate money. That’s notwithstanding 200 million downloads. Downloads don’t indispensably meant purchases, though. In fact, Fire Emblem done some-more income than Super Mario Run, notwithstanding carrying significantly reduction downloads.
  • Ubisoft announced a launch date for South Park: Phone Destroyer. Otherwise, we still usually know a small bit. It’s a freemium diversion for sure. It should also have that classical South Park character humor. The diversion soothing launched in a few countries in Europe. The rest of a universe gets a diversion on Nov 9th. We’ll speak about it on a subsequent newsletter for sure!
  • The fear diversion Slayaway Camp is removing a devout sequel. Developers announced Friday a 13th: Killer Puzzle this week. It’s in a same character as Slayaway Camp. That includes retro graphics, tons of violence, and a small amusement for balance. The diversion should be out someday in a initial few months of 2018.
  • A new Metroid-inspired shooter is entrance soon. Morphite is a diversion that draws ideas from aged titles like Metroid and Ratchet and Clank along with newer things like No Man’s Sky. Of course, it’s not scarcely as large as No Man’s Sky. The diversion includes incidentally generated planets, scrutiny elements, and some shooter elements as well. It should be out before Christmas.
  • There’s a new Humble Mobile Bundle! The games are fear themed this time for a Halloween spirit. The games embody Distraint, Rusty Lake, Fran Boy, Sanitarium, Dead Age, and several more. You get a few games for $1, 6 games for violence a average, and a whole gold for $5. The normal is $4.46 so we competence as good go for a full $5. Some of these are indeed utterly good and on a list of a best fear games for Android.

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