3D Printed Trident of a Oracle from Final Fantasy XV is dual metres tall

The builder village is still formulating projects formed off of Final Fantasy XV months after a launch, and currently it constructed the Trident of a Oracle.

This is a large one, with a final column measuring in during 6’8″ (just over dual metres) long. Not all of that is filament, however, as this is a collection of smaller prints designed to be trustworthy to a PVC siren or wooden shaft.

The finished chronicle we see in a gallery next took 109 hours to imitation and a whopping 480 metres of filament. We consider it was value a effort, though. Zoom in to see a measureless volume of fact that went into this.

You can find a files to 3D imitation your possess trident over on MyMiniFactory.

If we are meditative of creation one of these, make certain we follow a directions in a couple above, as it’s a formidable print.

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