3,000 Camp Fire survivors showed adult for food, present cards and comaraderie

UPDATE 8:05 p.m. Saturday, May 18, 2019 – Approximately 3,000 people showed adult during a Camp Fire service eventuality in a Sportsman’s Warehouse parking lot on Saturday.

Organizer Stephen Murray said, “People come here depressed… stressed out… haven’t left their trailer in weeks or months.”

He pronounced a people that arrived to his service “party” finished adult withdrawal with smiles on their faces.

Murray lived in Paradise for 31 years and is a Camp Fire survivor that has been vicious in assisting survivors, including many medically exposed seniors. He helped rescue dozens of seniors from a trailer park he worked during in Paradise during a Camp Fire. He is deliberate a favourite by many, many people — including those who have perceived present cards, fans, propane and other assist from him.

Fire survivors showed adult Saturday for service in a form of food, toys, bedding, seat and present cards. The Lions Club offering some-more than $2,000 value of present cards and a Vietnam Veterans of America’s Chico section gave out boxes of dusty food to veterans who indispensable help.

CHICO, Calif. – It is not too late to present used furniture, toys, present cards and other equipment to Camp Fire survivors. The Stephen Murray adore eventuality is holding place Saturday until 4 p.m. in a parking lot of Sportsman’s Warehouse in Chico, located during 765 East Ave.

There was a line combining before a eventuality started during 8 a.m., as we can see in a photos above. Donors have a approach to simply expostulate by a eventuality to dump off donations, present cards or financial contributions.

There are a lot of survivors looking for assistance in a form of food, children’s toys, and gas cards. The Vietnam Veterans of America have fabricated food boxes for Camp Fire survivors who are troops veterans. The food was donated by veterans groups all over a United States.

Event organizer Stephen Murray only got behind from San Rafael where he went to collect adult donations from internal Rotary Clubs, businesses and individuals. . He brought behind donations of furniture, toys, and food to assistance his village tarry a tough days ahead.

Murray asked Action News Now to let people know donations are indispensable and will be supposed during a Saturday event, that closes down during 4 p.m.

Murray is a Camp Fire survivor who has been assisting people get trailers, food, RV’s and other reserve given a initial days after a glow burnt down a city he grew adult in. He was really active assisting seniors and other exposed refugees during a Red Cross shelter, who are really grateful for his help. Many people listened of Stephen Murray after he helped rescue several aged people from a Apple Tree Village Mobile Home Park in Paradise during a morning of a Camp Fire evacuation.

Murray does Facebook LIVE posts only about each day to let people know what he is doing. One is posted in this article.

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