3 Restaurant Stocks Built to Outlast a Coronavirus Outbreak

These are unappetizing times for a grill industry. Chains are shutting down their dining bedrooms in a office of pestilence containment, and tying operations to takeout and smoothness for those adventurous to stay open promises to be a profit-slurping endeavor. Everyone should be prepared for large indie operators and even a few obvious bondage to disappear by a time things lapse to normal after this year. 

The shakeout will fundamentally be a financial boost to a survivors, and with many of a industry’s no-brainer survivors removing rocked, it’s a good event to bucket adult on a publicly traded eateries built to exist COVID-19. Chipotle Mexican Grill (NYSE:CMG), McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD), and Domino’s Pizza (NYSE:DPZ) have a right mixture to flower after this year, when a seashore is clear. 

Image source: Chipotle Mexican Grill.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle recently overcome a opposite nasty health scare: a new E. coli outbreaks. We’re now a integrate of years private from a food-borne illness outbreaks that rattled a association that put fast-casual on a map.

Chipotle’s turnaround has been a thing of beauty. It has rattled off 8 uninterrupted buliding of certain and accelerating same-store sales growth, culminating in a 13.4% swell in comps for its latest quarter. It might have been a box of ideal timing when former Taco Bell arch Brian Niccol was tapped as a concept’s new CEO dual years ago, though he’s been means to shake things adult in a proceed no insider could have accomplished. The fact that he’s been means to urge Chipotle’s handling potency while also staying loyal to a strange “food with integrity” mantra is a mom of all sophistry acts. He’s like Mandy Moore in this deteriorate of This Is Us, pulling off a master opening estimable of all of a attention rewards. 

Chipotle is removing it finished in a one income opening that stays in play right now. Digital sales during Chipotle soared 78% in a fourth entertain and now comment for scarcely a fifth of sum sales. Everything Chipotle has been doing — from embracing third-party smoothness apps to rolling out Chipotlanes (drive-thru windows) in new locations — have situated a cult fave ideally to income in on a new normal. With a grill retrogression expected to clean out many of a tiny knock-offs that have copied a assembly-line proceed to fast-casual opposite opposite culinary specialties, business will substantially be even stronger after this year than it was during a finish of final year.


The world’s largest burger sequence has also executed a overwhelming turnaround in a reputation. The judgment famous for inexpensive junk food has ramped adult a peculiarity of a food and a accessibility of healthier offerings. The barbell proceed to menu pricing means it’s a same breakwater it’s always been for inexpensive living on one end, though on a other end, it’s portion reward sandwiches, salads, and beverages to folks longing something else. 

McDonald’s is a giant, with systemwide sales commanding $100 billion final year. Global comps rose scarcely 6% in 2019, a concept’s biggest store-level benefit in some-more than a decade. Revenue declined for 5 true years before branch somewhat certain in 2019, though that was by design. The sequence has spent a final few years handing over many of a company-owned locations to successful franchisees. McDonald’s has turn a income appurtenance in a process, and it has returned $25 billion to a shareholders in a form of buybacks and augmenting division distributions. 

McDonald’s is built for today’s reality. It embraced smoothness apps early, and it’s a well-oiled appurtenance on a drive-thru front. It has a inexpensive comfort food that will reason adult good for however prolonged a mercantile despondency lasts. 


It would be a crime not to embody a pizza smoothness dilettante in a mix. After all, losing in-restaurant dining is no skin off of Domino’s back. It was specializing in smoothness and takeout prolonged before those dual income streams were a usually dual cards for a attention to play. 

Domino’s is a singular grill batch that’s indeed still trade aloft in 2020, by Tuesday’s close. Revenue and comps continue to pierce higher, and in an age where food and labor costs are climbing, it’s still anticipating ways to grow a bottom line even faster than a tip line. 

It’s in a right place during a right time, though it’s still a personality in this new handling climate. It’s one of a initial players to welcome contact-less deliveries. As a attention shifts to digital, Domino’s is already there with 70% of a business display adult on a screens that way. You’re going to be eating a lot of pizza in a subsequent few weeks, and Domino’s will be there. 

Chipotle, McDonald’s, and Domino’s get it. This is a frightful time to be investing in grill stocks, though some concepts are improved positioned to tarry a difficulty and come out forward in a end.

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