$20000 Call of Duty Zombies Tournament Features Four Incredible Players

Hardcore Call of Duty Zombies players showed off considerable speed runs and even pennyless some annals in their query to contest in a $20,000 Zombies World Championship this month in Los Angeles.

Popular YouTuber Mcsportzhawk” teamed adult with 1P Entertainment to put a championship together, and invited players to contest in online qualifiers in one of 4 Black Ops III Zombies challenges. All hurdles were recorded, and we can watch a winners lift off some flattering implausible feats. The 4 finalists will be flown to Los Angeles to contest for a $20,000 esteem pool on Aug 19. Here’s how a preliminaries went down.

Player “ImOverCharged” dominated a Origins First Room challenge by flourishing for 60 rounds trapped in a starting room of a Origins map. First Room hurdles are wily given you’re singular to simple equipment within a little parent area, definition you’re left with rabble guns and lacking a perks customarily preferred to grasp high rounds.


Origins is substantially one of a many engaging First Room plea maps, given we can finish objectives to obtain equipment differently untouched while sealed in a starting room, such as a Double Tap perk and an upgraded gun. 115 headshots will concede a actor to obtain an upgraded gun from a poser box, though either that arms is indeed good is a matter of chance. Zombies also incidentally dump Zombie Blood, that automatically disguises players as zombies for a brief time to forestall being attacked.

Going for 60 rounds though decent guns or even a Juggernog health perk is totally insane, though ImOverCharged is no foreigner to a First Room challenges. He now binds 3 Zombies universe records, including a Origins First Room plea on Black Ops II.

For a Verruckt No-Jug challenge, no Gobblegums were allowed, and players had to tarry as prolonged as they could though a health boost supposing by a Juggernog perk. Prior to ZWC, a universe record for Verruckt No-Jug was usually 46 rounds.


Player “Mossy” warranted his mark in Champs with a whopping 119 rounds survived. This was no easy charge given zombies can consume so many bullets and take we down quick in high rounds. Mossy used electric traps, vital routes, and a whole lot of calm to kick out a competition, with his winning opening holding 57 hours. (Thankfully, we can strike postponement and take a mangle on solo Zombies mode, though that’s still a lot of hours spent herding and electrocuting a undead.) Mossy now binds 21 Zombies universe records.

Player “KingKorbs” raced by a Revelations map, completing a formidable Easter Egg speed run with a time of 40:23. To put this time in comparison, a 7th by 10th place finishers took an hour or longer to complete. KingKorbs done use of a “Anywhere But Here” Gobblegum, that lets we incidentally teleport to another location. This, too, has a furious component of chance, given we can’t select where we finish up. KingKorbs binds 8 Zombies universe records, 7 of that are Easter Egg speedruns.

The Gorod Krovi Easter Egg speed run offering a many greatly parsimonious competition, though “Maitrash” squeezed in during initial place with a time of 41:19, about one second faster than a 2nd place player. Maitrash also used Anywhere But Here to incidentally teleport around a map, his second use of a Gobblegum fortuitiously teleporting him tighten to a subsequent step in his Easter Egg sequence.

Maitrash binds dual universe records, is a usually finalist underneath a age of 18, and will be drifting all a approach from France to contest in L.A. after this month.

In Los Angeles, any finalist will group adult with a renouned Zombies YouTuber to contest live for a share of a esteem pool. Mcsportzhawk has also announced everybody who placed in a tip ten for any of a 4 categories will get a giveaway entrance into subsequent year’s Zombies World Championship.

S.E. Doster (@sedoster) is an author, artist, and rival Call of Duty left-wing who enjoys quoting Buffy a Vampire Slayer.

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