20 Years Of Pokémon Villains Join Forces In Ultra Sun And Moon

The biggest, baddest Team Rocket ever is blustering off into a Alola segment in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon after this month, with an all-star expel of array villains headed adult by a strange baddie himself, Giovanni.

It’s misleading what accurately Pokémon Red and Blue boss Giovanni and his group of ne’er do wells are doing in a Alola region, though whatever it is it can’t be good. In a refurbish video introducing Team Rainbow Rocket, along with collectible Totem Stickers, a rent-a-Pokémon Battle Agency, QR Island Scan and returning Legendaries, we see a actor coming a large outpost sporting a rainbow R logo. Seems like a good place to conflict some of a series’ past villains, doesn’t it?

Looking during a promo art, we see Giovanni, Team Flare trainer Lysandre, Ghetsis of Team Plasma, Team Galactic’s Cyrus, Maxie and Archie from Team Magma and Aqua and Faba from a Aether Foundation. Sounds like we’re in for some flattering epic battles.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon launch worldwide on Nov 17.

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