15 Best Hidden Secrets Of Horizon: Zero Dawn

Post-apocalyptic futures are 10 a penny in gaming. The world’s finished so many times that it’s spin formidable to get vehement about any new charred solitude we have to scavenge for pieces of assorted metal.

And nonetheless Horizon: Zero Dawn, from developer Guerilla Games, found such an bizarre take on a doomsday unfolding and gave us such a strikingly bizarre and layered star that it immediately became many gamers’ prominence of 2017, notwithstanding being expelled during a start of a year. In the star of Horizon, a growth of combat-capable robots led to a rain of tellurian civilization. Now, centuries later, tribes of humans have sprung adult in a hull of a star that was, and share Earth with these machines – not always peacefully.

There’s a large star for gamers to try around a impression of Aloy, an wandering of a Nora tribe; outward of a categorical story, we have clearly endless side quests to complete, collectibles to collect, and nooks and crannies to explore.

This means that it’s easy to finish adult spending approach too many hours seeking out any final thing. But even when we consider you’ve found it all, there competence still be dark secrets you’re unknowingly of. Our beam should assistance we parasite those off your list…

15. Armor of Invincibility

Horizon Zero Dawn Shield Weaver armor 15 Best Hidden Secrets Of Horizon: Zero Dawn

Found any Power Cells in your travels and don’t know what to do with them? These aren’t usually invalid pieces of tat unfailing to waste space in your inventory; they’re in fact a pivotal to a best armor in a diversion – a Shield Weaver.

Produced by a ancient civilization, a Shield Weaver armor renders Aloy many godlike by raised a defense around her. This protects we from any and all appurtenance attacks; a usually debility is that it spasmodic needs to be charged.

So how do we get it? You need to collect a 5 Power Cells dotted around a world. One can be found in a ancient hull Aloy fell into as a child, and a other 4 are dark in bunkers that a categorical story quests take we to – All-Mother, Maker’s End, a Grave Hoard, and GAIA Prime.

Picking adult any singular Power Cell activates a Ancient Armory quest, that will approach we to a fort where a Shield Weaver is hidden. Go here once we have all a cells, solve a integrate of easy close puzzles, and Thunderjaw attacks will be bouncing off we in no time.

14. Death Stranding Collectibles

Horizon Zero Dawn Death Stranding stranded necklace 15 Best Hidden Secrets Of Horizon: Zero Dawn

One of a many expected arriving games is Kojima Productions’ puzzling Death Stranding. It’s a diversion we know small about outward of two bizarre trailers featuring Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, and Guillermo Del Toro. But we do know that Kojima Productions have done use of a Decima diversion engine grown by Guerilla for Horizon.

This partnership between a dual studios is referenced around some dark equipment Aloy can collect, all of that take a form of things from those trailers. There’s a Stranded Necklace, aka Reedus’s dog tags; a Stranded Shackles, a shackles ragged by Reedus and Del Toro; and a Stranded Figure, that creepy busted doll.

It’ll take some acid to find all three. If you’re struggling, here are some hints: a Necklace is in a opening room of a Grave Hoard bunker, before we deplane a beam rail. The Shackles are in a Project Zero Dawn facility, in a dark room shortly after a second holographic briefing, and a Figure is underneath a stairs shortly after entering a All-Mother bunker.

Once you’ve collected them all, we can possibly admire them in your register or trade them in with one of Meridian’s merchants for a Very Rare alteration and, erm, some soppy socks. We’re not certain why.

13. A Secret Weapon – The Tearblaster

Horizon Zero Dawn Tearblaster 15 Best Hidden Secrets Of Horizon: Zero Dawn

Most of a weapons in Horizon: Zero Dawn can be bought during merchants, nonetheless there’s one quite useful bit of machine-fighting container that we have to work to clear – a Tearblaster.

The Tearblaster is a kind of unenlightened atmosphere shotgun, and for an atmosphere weapon, it’s flattering damn useful. It tears components and armor off machines, that is unequivocally effective when fighting enemies carrying complicated weapons such as Thunderjaws – hit off a large guns, afterwards seize them for yourself and give a machines a ambience of their possess medicine. It can also erupt bomb liquid canisters carried by machines, and even hit drifting enemies out of a air, overwhelming them.

So, how do we get it? It indeed comes in a prerogative box given after completing a certain side quest. First, make certain you’ve finished a ‘Hunting for a Lodge’ errand, triggered by visiting any Hunting Ground. This will concede we to play a side query ‘Hunter’s Blind’, for that you’ll accept a Tearblaster Reward Box.

Open this adult and you’ll have a code new fondle to play with. Those machines had improved reason onto their armored hats!

12. Real Life Locations

Horizon Zero Dawn Denver Stadium 15 Best Hidden Secrets Of Horizon: Zero Dawn

One of a joys of Horizon is exploring a immeasurable and sundry post-apocalyptic world, that takes place in unenlightened forests, snowy peaks, dangerous deserts, and even hull of cities from a long-dead tellurian civilization.

But what we competence not comprehend during initial is usually how many of a turf is formed on genuine life locations. It’s mostly set in Colorado, and we can revisit locations such as Hallett Peak in a Rocky Mountains, a Cheyenne Mountain Nuclear Bunker, and Pikes Peak Range Riders Memorial in Colorado Springs. The busted city that Aloy’s clan call Devil’s Grief is in fact Denver, as we competence notice when one story query takes we to what used to be a track of a Denver Broncos.

Aloy’s journeys also take her to a wastelands before famous as Utah and Arizona, holding in Monument Valley, Horseshoe Bend, Lake Powell, and more. This does meant that a embankment is skewed, as it would take approach longer to transport between these locations in genuine life than it does in game, nonetheless that’s a correct preference to keep scrutiny exciting.

If we can’t means a vacation to these pleasing states, try them in Zero Dawn instead!

11. Jackrabbit and Jazzrabbit

Horizon Zero Dawn Jazz Jackrabbit 15 Best Hidden Secrets Of Horizon: Zero Dawn

Hunting a area’s fauna is a ability you’ll get used to as we play through Horizon; even if you’re a strictest of vegans in genuine life, you’ll shortly get used to indiscriminately lobbing arrows into a strength of any bunny we see. Gotta collect that Fatty Meat.

But if we demeanour carefully, there are in fact dual rabbits in a diversion we competence not wish to kill. Near a mining stay that we conflict after assembly War Chief Sona, there’s a Metal Flower to be found. And nearby here are dual rabbits, usually station around rather than hopping like a others. Scanning them will exhibit they have names – Jack and Jazz.

This is in fact a anxiety to Arjan Brusse, co-founder of Horizon’s developer Guerilla Games, who was a lead coder on a Jazz Jackrabbit array behind in a ‘90s. They weren’t accurately gaming classics, so not everybody will figure out a reference, nonetheless it’s a neat Easter Egg nonetheless.

10. Have All Your Allies In The Final Battle

Horizon Zero Dawn Erend and Aloy 15 Best Hidden Secrets Of Horizon: Zero Dawn

Maybe a genuine collectibles were a friends we done along a way…

It’s important, during least, for Aloy to have friends by her side in a final battle. The array of allies concomitant we for this final story quest, as good as a discourse we can have with them during it, will change depending on your prior actions. To build adult these allies, we need to have helped them out in a game’s many side quests. It’s generally a good idea, in terms of building Aloy’s repute among a several tribes, to finish all a side quests in an area around a time a categorical story takes we there.

But to be specific, before we start categorical query ‘The Looming Shadow’, a side quests we should have finished are ‘Sunstone Rock’, ‘Traitor’s Bounty’, ‘A Moment’s Peace’, ‘A Queen’s Gambit’, ‘A Daughter’s Vengeance’, ‘Honor a Fallen’, ‘Sun and Shadow’, and ‘Redmaw’.

You competence be wondering if your discourse choices impact either characters wish to assistance we out after in a game. In fact, they don’t during all, so let lax with a bold answers if we want. With these quests completed, you’ll have some-more allies by your side in a final battle, and you’ll even get a esteem for being so popular.

9. Unlimited Fast Travel

Horizon Zero Dawn Golden Fast Travel Pack 15 Best Hidden Secrets Of Horizon: Zero Dawn

Though a star of Zero Dawn is positively a lot of fun to explore, it can get a small vapid when we have to retrace a same paths over and over again. This is where Fast Travel Packs come in useful – with a use of these, anywhere you’ve already visited is usually a loading shade away.

But unlike, for example, Fallout 4, discerning transport is limited. You use adult a container any time, and some-more packs contingency be scavenged, crafted, or bought. This doesn’t always have to be a case, however. If you’re formulation on being a visit traveller, we can ascent to Fast Travel Gold!

In Meridian, one of a merchants in a executive marketplace block can sell we a Golden Fast Travel Pack. It’s simply missed, as it’s during a bottom of a trader’s resources list. This enchanting deteriorate sheet will set we behind 50 steel shards, 10 greasy meat, and a fox skin, nonetheless will be value it in a prolonged run. Once it’s in your inventory, we can discerning transport as many as we want, to your heart’s desire.

8. The Mysterious Whirlpool

Horizon Zero Dawn Whirlpool 1 15 Best Hidden Secrets Of Horizon: Zero Dawn

Explore a islands off a map’s Eastern coastline, a small south easterly of a busted football stadium, and when we demeanour out to sea, you’ll see a whirlpool. It’s not that formidable to spot, given that all a H2O around it is contrastingly calm.

But what does this spin do? Well, it’s unfit to find out, given that it’s outward a playable area of a map and a diversion will give we a unrelenting revelation off if we try to float towards it, forcing we to spin around or be sent behind to your final save. You can try banishment arrows into it, nonetheless it still refuses to give a pleasantness of any response.

Some have speculated that a spin is related to an arriving square of DLC; maybe Aloy will get sucked in by it and transport by a portal to another world. Or maybe it was a outcome of a programmer spending a idle afternoon messing around with H2O dynamics and adhering a outcome in a diversion for a ruin of it.

7. Golden Versions of Weapons

Horizon Zero Dawn Lodge War Bow 15 Best Hidden Secrets Of Horizon: Zero Dawn

The Tearblaster isn’t a usually arms that has to be acquired by side quests. There are 3 some-more that can be collected by completing hunter’s board challenges, nonetheless these are usually marginally improved versions of weapons that we can buy.

The weapons in doubt are a Blast Sling, a Ropecaster, and a War Bow. If you’re removing your weapons usually from merchants, we can get these in standard, Carja, and Shadow varieties, with a latter being a best. But a Lodge versions of these weapons are in fact even stronger. They also demeanour unequivocally cool, with some adorned golden emblem for Aloy to uncover off her swag.

You need to acquire blazing suns – i.e. a tip probable measure – in a fifteen competition drift trials found opposite a world. This isn’t always easy, and you’ll need discerning reflexes to kick all a compulsory machines (in a compulsory ways!). But after you’ve collected your suns, we can afterwards trade them in for a Lodge weapons; usually go pronounce to Aidaba inside a Hunter’s Lodge in Meridian.

6. The Killzone Mug

Horizon Zero Dawn Killzone vessel 15 Best Hidden Secrets Of Horizon: Zero Dawn

One of a many sets of collectibles in Zero Dawn is a ‘ancient vessels’; a merchant collecting these in Meridian’s marketplace has many involved theories about usually what they were used for, nonetheless we players commend them immediately as coffee mugs.

Most of them enclose logos of illusory companies that existed in Horizon’s star before a apocalypse, nonetheless another, a ‘KZ’ vessel, shows what a in-game outline describes as a “threatening red-eyed visage”. This is, in fact, a Helghast infantryman from the Killzone games, another array from Horizon developer Guerilla.

It’s startling that Guerilla resisted a titillate to put references on all a mugs, nonetheless it is good to suppose Aloy settling down during a finish of a tough day’s appurtenance competition to splash a good decoction from her Helghast mug. Gaming sell will live on a thousand years from now!

5. Get Platinum, Win A PS4 Theme

Horizon Zero Dawn Platinum PS4 Theme 15 Best Hidden Secrets Of Horizon: Zero Dawn

With such a accumulation of side quests to finish and collectibles to collect, usually a many clinging of players will conduct to 100% finish Zero Dawn and seize that sparkly, glossy Platinum trophy. And nonetheless there’s a special reward esteem for those who conduct it.

Shortly after unlocking a Platinum, you’ll get an email from Sony permitting we to download a Horizon-themed redesign for a PlayStation 4’s menu screens. It’s a colorful thesis that looks good on TV screens and will mount as a unapproachable sign of your time-consuming success.

Make sure, though, that in your PSN account, on a [Account] [Notification Preferences] menu, a box to accept emails from Sony is ticked, otherwise, we competence not get sent a summary we need. Wouldn’t wish to skip out on your esteem since of that – even if it does meant they’ll send we a bucket of other spam.

4. Tri-Force!

Horizon Zero Dawn Triforce pitch 1 15 Best Hidden Secrets Of Horizon: Zero Dawn

You’ll find a accumulation of genealogical black dotted around a star of Horizon: Zero Dawn, nonetheless one that competence seem a small out of place is a Triforce symbol. Yes, a one from Legend of Zelda.

It indeed appears some-more than once – there’s a precipice face we can mount around that has a 3 yellow triangles embellished on, and in a side query ‘Death from a Skies’, one of a lures nearby where we quarrel a Stormbird is subsequent to a tub with something unequivocally identical to a Triforce embellished on it. It also appears in a cutscene shown in a launch trailer, as partial of a wall portrayal of Aloy done by a Banuk.

What can Guerilla be observant with this repeated reference? Is it a amatory loyalty to a Zelda series, that has also brought out an open star installment recently with Breath of a Wild? Or is there a warn crossover entrance in future? Given a unlikelihood of a partnership between Sony and Nintendo, substantially a homage.

3. Hidden Skeleton Couple

Horizon Zero Dawn skeleton integrate 15 Best Hidden Secrets Of Horizon: Zero Dawn

A uncanny small Easter Egg in a unequivocally tough to strech dilemma of a map, this one… confirm for yourself either it’s value a effort. You’ll need to mount atop a Tallneck in a south western dilemma of a world, afterwards burst from that onto a precipice face. Then we have to mount adult a cliff, until finally we strech a campsite.

And in this campsite are a skeletons of dual long-dead people, holding hands. No one has unequivocally worked out what a definition of this is, or indeed if there is any, nonetheless some have speculated that it competence be a anxiety to Silent Hill, with a creepy change in song subsidy adult that theory.

It’s also possible, of course, that it’s usually a neat small fact in a world. These dual people contingency have attempted to get as distant divided as probable from a chaos as a canon erupted around them, so they could spend their final days together in as pacific a demeanour as possible. It’s sweet, nonetheless it didn’t save them.

2. RIGS Logo

Horizon Zero Dawn RIGS trademark 15 Best Hidden Secrets Of Horizon: Zero Dawn

We’ve found references to Zelda, Death Stranding, and Killzone… if Horizon is set in some violent common video diversion universe, it’s about to get even weirder.

Climb to a tip of a vantage indicate in Devil’s Grief and activate your Focus scan. You’ll see, as we do with all vantage points, an picture of what this area looked like before a apocalypse. Specifically, you’ll be looking during a ‘Denver Stadium’, that as we’ve already discovered, is a Sports Authority Field, home of a genuine life Denver Broncos.

Yet instead of any Broncos logo, a track is flashy with a trademark of RIGS, from another Guerilla game, RIGS: Mechanized Combat League, in that players took partial in a near-future competition consisting of drudge deathmatches. Which fits weirdly good into a timeline of Horizon; between torpedo robots being invented and torpedo robots overthrowing humanity, they overthrew football as Denver’s favorite sport.

1. The Complete History Of Aloy’s World

Horizon Zero Dawn Ted Faro and Elisabeth Sobeck 15 Best Hidden Secrets Of Horizon: Zero Dawn

Yeah, we know. Collecting audio logs can be one of a many vapid tools of games, quite when you’re so recurrent that we make your impression mount around listening to them all.

But we suspicion this aspect of Horizon: Zero Dawn’s star is value during slightest a shout-out, as Guerilla clearly put a lot of bid into plotting out a whole timeline of what caused a canon and a arise of a machines.

There are 120 content datapoints to collect, found both in dungeons and sparse around a world, and 63 audio ones and 22 holograms. Oh, and 16 glyphs to indicate and 10 some-more content datapoints performed after major tallnecks or exploring cauldrons.

We don’t have space to fact where they all are, nonetheless put a time into it, and you’ll benefit an appreciation of usually how good Guerilla has worked out a timeline of a Horizon world.


Found any cold secrets that even we’ve missed while exploring a lands of Horizon? Let us know in a comments!

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