10 Ways Hideo Kojima Should Have Made Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain

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Of all a games that fans demeanour during and contemplate on because certain things happened or didn’t vessel out a approach they thought, MGS V is right during a tip of a pile. Releasing amidst scattered times, strange array creator Hideo Kojima had to combine his group underneath one prophesy for a consequence of completing a many costly and initial complement yet; one that was fundamentally hampered by primogenitor association Konami descending detached around him.

It resulted in a diversion that’s simply a best-playing Metal Gear by utterly a substantial margin, though one that takes a series of artistic risks with tract and impression elements that ultimately, don’t totally compensate off. Some aspects we’ll get into were only plain unfinished, with pivotal scenes showed in trailers that a group literally ran out of time pulling together.

The Phantom Pain is still one of a biggest games of all time and an entrance I ranked as a third best in a whole canon, though there are many things that should’ve left another way, starting with…

10. Establish Skull Face As A Terrifying Villain

metal rigging plain V 5 skull face

There’s so most squandered intensity in a Skull Face character. Introduced mysteriously in Ground Zeroes, all of us insincere his charred face was demonstrative of Kojima divulgence he was a formerly determined impression – presumably Volgin, or even Major Zero.

In reality, it was suggested he was an representative for Zero who’d grown to depreciate Big Boss, someone who was perpetually assisting ‘build a legend’ of a ideal soldier, though was never removing any of a credit. We schooled that he’d always been benefaction opposite Boss’ arise to prevalence in a likes of Peace Walker, cleaning adult after him, even murdering for him to get opposite a idea that a former Naked Snake was indeed some powerful, creditable force on a battlefield.

However, roughly nothing of this was brought adult or used effectively. The prolonged automobile float we have with him where he dictates his ‘evil plan’ and mostly stares we down, has no buildup in terms of proclivity or Boss traffic with a fact there’s been someone examination over him this whole time.

We were too rapt in wondering how a ruin he was determining a skyscraper-sized mech that could dump in from space to worry about anything else, and that was a misstep. Even if players hadn’t finished Ground Zeroes and didn’t know about a horrific rape scenes that Skull Face army Paz and Chico to extract in, that side of his impression should’ve flush as an additional proclivity to see him brought to justice.

Ask yourself: Based wholly on what’s in cutscenes and essential discourse from The Phantom Pain, what is Skull Face’s character, and because is he a bad guy?

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