10 Moments You May Have Missed In Firewatch

While a climactic (or, for some, anti-climactic) finale of Firewatch left copiousness of players happy to leave a Thorofare behind, a second playthrough could still have copiousness to offer. Depending on how consummate we are, there competence still be a series of engaging conversations, events and even locations that we missed on your initial time around.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for a finish of Firewatch, so we competence wish to save it for your second playthrough.

The Road In

While in my initial playthrough we didn’t try to lapse to a Thorofare Trailhead during all — Delilah never asked Henry to go behind there, after all — if we do confirm to make a travel behind down there, you’ll be in for a bit of a shock. The route is totally blocked off by an ‘impassable stone slide’, and a review with Delilah reveals that this is indeed a usually approach in or out of a Two Forks area. “What is this, a Twilight Zone?” she asks. As a plus, this is one of a beginning places we can collect adult Turt Reynolds/Shelley Duvall.

Raccoon Carter

This small stage can be gifted possibly unequivocally early in a diversion or right nearby a end, yet your best possibility of removing it is to travel out to a energy poles on Day 1 instead of going by a cavern behind to your tower. Most people would have found a hoary aged outhouse, yet if we travel a small serve along from that you’ll find a burnt out aged shack.

Explore a residence and you’ll confront an eventuality that we can radio Delilah about — in sell for an engaging story about a residence and a former inhabitant, ‘Racoon Carter’. This won’t occur on Day 2, yet we will get a possibility again in a final integrate of days while a atmosphere is smoky. Being in a ‘wrong’ area generally tends to outcome in some new discourse — if we radio Delilah about a application poles on Day 1, she’ll also give we a useful tip that we are way off course.

Ned’s Workshop

At a finish of a game, Ned lets we adult to his hideout to have a bit of a rummage by his things and we learn that he has utterly a good perspective over a valley, finish with a set of handcrafted chimes. If we travel adult to a area subsequent his vital space during any time during a game, we can’t indeed see his small medium yet we can hear his chimes. To check it out for yourself, conduct over to this mark on a map:

The Cable Car

While a diversion doesn’t lead we to this indicate until a really end, we can still event opposite a puncture wire automobile as early as Day 2. If we ask Delilah about it, she’ll tell we it’s usually for emergencies and that we really can’t go for a float in it — hinting even early on that she doesn’t indeed wish to accommodate you. If we pull her, you’ll still get a humorous small review for your troubles. This choice doesn’t seem to cocktail adult on after days, however, such as when we travel adult to a supply box to collect adult your food (and usually your food, hopefully).

Naming The Fire

When Delilah wakes we adult to see a initial glow of a summer, it turns into an infrequently proposal impulse if her and Henry are friendly. At one indicate she’ll ask we if you’re looking during a fire, and if you’re off questioning something else, Henry will answer “no, I’m not”. There’s another choice that a diversion can collect adult on here, however. If we spin around and demeanour adult towards Delilah’s lookout, Henry will answer “no, I’m looking during you”. Awwww.


While it’s not utterly TF2, we can indeed collect and wear hats in Firewatch. If we remember to put them on, you’ll get a hatted Henry in both his unconsidered selfie and in Delilah’s sketch of him. There are dual in a game: The initial can be found in a intro sequence, on a belligerent subsequent to your lorry once it’s parked in a Thorofare parking lot. The second can be found in an unmarked white cache box subsequent to Hawk’s Rest lookout. Henry will hang them adult in his building before he goes to sleep, so remember to put them on in a mornings if we wish to be wearing one or a other.

Dave And Ron

In many of a cache boxes are letters between dual rangers, Ron and Dave. While there are usually 6 to be found in a whole game, we can tell a lot about a dual characters from what they’ve written, and it’s led to copiousness of discussion. Ron seems to be a standard man’s man, celebration and scoring dates with women — “someone to chuck behind a box with” in his possess words. And Dave? Well, from a records he sends, it’s pragmatic that Dave competence be meditative of Ron in some-more than only a ‘friendly’ way. Not that Ron seems to locate on: “Debbie was tryin to explain because they’d flog your donkey so good and we only don’t get it.”

Dead Elk

While this one seems to be flattering executive to explaining a mystery, it seems like many people (including myself) didn’t indeed confront it. Once we have a call receiver, it can potentially lead we to a passed elk with a tracking collar around a neck — a same kind of collar Ned leads we to in a finish of a game. On Day 78 after anticipating a hideout, conduct north until a call receiver picks adult a signal. This small find helps tie adult a game’s mysteries a bit some-more cleanly, strongly implying that Wapiti Station was an elk tracking and monitoring hire all along.

Delilah’s Drawing

While it’s tough to skip this sketch during a end, we competence be astounded only how many opposite options we can finish adult with, depending on how we act and how we report yourself to Delilah. If we omit her by many of a game, she’ll even pull we as a grumpy-looking hunchback. She can also loll a integrate of opposite things around a picture, including a design of your turtle, and “Burt + Turt” in a adore heart — if we name your turtle Turt Reynolds and also review yourself to Burt Reynolds.

Alternate Ending

While it’s not as sparkling as it sounds, there is an swap finale to Firewatch. If we wait dual mins after a chopper arrives and don’t stand in, it’ll fly off but Henry, withdrawal him in a blazing forest. Whoops. While some people have pronounced that this stage could even indicate self-murder on Henry’s part, he could only be formulation to go off and live with Ned. You never know.

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