1 dead, 12 harmed after blade conflict in mega Beijing mall

BEIJING: A lady was killed and 12 other people injured after a male carried out a blade attack at a renouned selling mall in downtown Beijing on Sunday (Feb 11), pronounced police. 

The conflict happened during around 1pm during Joy City in a bustling blurb area of Xidan. 

The think has been arrested. Police identified him as a 35-year-old surnamed Zhu from a northern range of Henan.

The male had already confessed to carrying out a conflict to “express his discontent”, military added, though elaborating.

Beijing radio showed cinema on their WeChat comment of blood spattered on a building in a partial of a mall, and during slightest one harmed chairman being taken from a scene.

In a video posted on Twitter, shoppers were seen using towards an exit, and a route of blood was left behind by an harmed man. 

Joy City, a 13-storey complex, is a biggest mall in a Xidan area, with general code names and a vast digital cinema.

Police investigations are underway. 


Violent crime is singular in China compared with many other countries, generally in vital cities where confidence is tight, though there has been a array of blade and mattock attacks in new years, many targeting children.

In 2015, military arrested a sword-wielding male who killed a Chinese lady and harmed a French male in Beijing’s select Sanlitun selling and party district.

Such attacks are mostly blamed on people with mental illness or who have personal grievances. Knives are many ordinarily used since gun controls are intensely despotic in China.

However, a supervision has also blamed some blade attacks on militants from a violence-prone distant western segment of Xinjiang, where Beijing says it faces an Islamist insurgency, adding to China’s excitability about such incidents.

Thirty-one people were killed in 2014 during a blade conflict during Kunming sight hire in southwestern China that a supervision pronounced was a work of Xinjiang militants. Police shot passed 4 of a attackers.

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